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The laboratory construction

1, 10 years professional experience in laboratory design and implementation
2, absorbing foreign advanced design concept, make the best in the west
Show design perfect combination with the Chinese culture
3, direct sales business model, with environmental protection, the network
Less middlemen, but also conducive to the customer

Testing instrument

4, the comprehensive study of food safety testing, to provide you with international leading, high precision testing instrument
5, reliable quality detecting instrument, is accurate, safe and simple operation
6, all our instruments from domestic well-known international food testing instrument manufacturers

Detection reagent

7, all products are used by the national professional organization certification test reagents
Eight, to provide you with safe, reliable and stable quality reagents
9, variety is rich, including pesticide residues, drug residues, animal epidemics, toxins, heavy metals, and other areas of the food safety testing all reagents
10, providing one-on-one training and coaching, ensure the experimenter correct use of instruments and reagents
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